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Franci Cakes Pop-Ups, Events, and Farmers Market all postponed because of Shelter in Place in Santa Clara County. 

Contactless Delivery available soon. Very limited menu, please email to ask what I'm baking for the week.

Thank you for your patience. Be safe and healthy at home!


Give us about 2 weeks to make your order a reality. 

Special orders? Unique flavors? Let's talk.

We will be in touch shortly!

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$42 / dozen


Mini Cupcakes

$22 / dozen

Extra Cost for Custom Orders and characters

Minimum Order

1 flavor per 1 dozen Standard size

1 flavor per 2 dozen Mini size.

Cupcakes are made in very small batches and handcrafted. Orders over 4 dozen please choose up to 4 flavors.

Min. 2 Week Notice for all Orders

Vegan and wheat-free options available.


All products made in a facility where flour, nuts, and dairy are handled.

Get In Touch

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Check out our Instagram for inspiration, or get in touch and let's make something delicious.


Berry Romantic *seasonal

strawberry cake

chocolate buttercream

heart-shaped strawberry

Red Velvet Oreo

red velvet cake

red oreo cookie bottom & top

red velvet cookies & cream 

The S'more You Know 

chocolate cake

toasted meringue

graham cracker crust


That Cookie Dough

chocolate chip cake

cookie dough buttercream

Cherry Blossom

matcha & strawberry cake

white chocolate  buttercream

cherry on top


Stay Woke

Thai Tea/Vietnamese Coffee

thai tea cake

vietnamese coffee buttercream

Horchata Before Brochata


horchata cake

horchata frosting

This Nutella is Bananas

banana cake

nutella buttercream

banana chip and confetti sprinkles

Churro O o it's Magic

churro cake

dulce de leche buttercream

topped with a handmade heart shaped churro. *mini's will not have a churro topper.

More than 30 additional flavors  including Blackberry Forest,

Classic Red Velvet, Mexican Milk Fudge (jamoncillo), Mangonada, Mexican Chocolate, Vietnamese Coffee, Thai Tea, Rosé, and Unicorn.

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